Submitting Papers for the ISCS-2007 Proceedings

Proceedings of ISCS-2007 will be published in physica status solidi (c) following normal reviewing procedure according to the standards of physica status solidi (c).

Deadline for submission of manuscripts for ISCS-2007 proceedings is October 5, 2007.

To submit your manuscript you must have previously submitted an abstract and received confirmation that it has been accepted.

Instructions for ISCS authors

Please follow the instructions below to submit your paper. You can also refer the general guidelines for authors prepared by Wiley-VCH.

Guidelines for Authors : fileGuidelines for Authors

Format and length restrictions

  • Please be sure to meet the length restrictions, which are three pages for contributed papers and six pages for invited and plenary papers.
  • Prepare your manuscript using Microsoft Word (preferred) or LaTeX. It is essential that you use the provided template and style files, respectively, to enable an easy length estimate of your article. All textual material (incl. figures, tables, captions, etc.) should be in one single file.
  • For both Microsoft Word and LaTeX, please use the template at
  • In addition to the Word or Latex file (with separate figures for Latex files, if any), please accompany your submission by one printable file in Adobe PDF-format of your entire manuscript including the text as well as all tables and figures. Use only standard fonts Times New Roman and Symbol. Some fonts such as Asian or Russian character fonts may cause problems.
  • For publication in physica status solidi (c), production will be done using your publication-ready manuscript file. You will not receive page proofs for correction.

Title and author information

  • A corresponding address valid for the entire period from submission until publication must be given, especially if the current address differs from the author's affiliation in the paper.
  • Please identify the corresponding author and add e-mail, phone, and fax as a footnote.
  • A maximum of six PACS numbers must be given (PACS 2006 at ).
  • An abstract of about ten lines is required.

Figures and tables

  • Figures must be submitted ready for reproduction. Lettering/symbols should be large and clear enough in the final figure size. Avoid small open symbols, small dots, small decimal points, hairlines, close-dotted or short-dashed lines. Draw a closed axes frame in diagrams. For numbers, use a decimal point instead of a comma.
  • Figures and tables should be embedded in the manuscript file, in order to indicate their appropriate positions and required space. Figures must only be submitted as separate files (PS/EPS, TIF, GIF, PDF, CorelDraw, Origin, Adobe Illustrator or compatible formats) if you are using LaTex. .
  • Color figures submitted in electronic format will generally remain in color in the internet PDF version of an article at no cost. Print version will be black/white unless color figures are purchased using the color print authorization on the Reprint Order Form.

Quantities and equations

  • Both in the text and in equations, physical quantities should be given in italic , vectors in bold italic , units in upright letters. Tabulated functions should be given in upright letters.

Formatting of literature citations

  • References should be numbered [in square brackets] and listed in the order of appearance at the end of the manuscript, or inserted using LaTeX commands. In Word, it is not recommended to insert references as endnotes. Please apply the format used in physica status solidi (see , ).

Manuscript submission:

  • Authors of accepted abstracts are requested to submit their manuscript on-line on the Wiley-VCH server .
  • Logging in: If you already have an ID and a password for this system, please log in and choose Physica Status Solidi -> ISCS 2007 (If you are a new user, please register first by clicking on the respective link.)
  • Submit a manuscript by clicking on "Create manuscript" on the left side of the screen and follow the instructions.
  • File names: Please use only Latin characters for the file name, and only lower-case letters for the format extension.
  • Please use clear, self-explaining file names. Example: smith_version2.doc.
  • Please use your program no. (i.e., MoA I-1) as conf-paper no.
  • Please upload at least one separate pdf of your manuscript. Free-To-Use PDF converters are available via the internet e.g., PDFCreator at or PDF Online at
  • Once you have uploaded a file, you can no longer modify it. Please click on the "submit" button to complete your submission. In case you do not want to submit your uploaded paper, please contact the secretariat of the conference program committee
  • Checking the status of your manuscript(s): The link "View Details" will lead to a page with all current information on your manuscript. Resubmitting a revised manuscript:
  • Once you have been asked to revise your manuscript, a link "Upload file" will appear on the right side of the manuscript overview list, leading you directly to the upload page. Upload the new file(s) and click on "Submit" again. Please don't create a new manuscript when submitting a revised version, but upload the new file(s) to the already existing manuscript.
  • Please indicate in the "cover letter" text field whether your manuscript is a new submission or a revised version.
  • Do not send your manuscript to the Editorial Office of physica status solidi.

Questions regarding paper submission should be forwarded by email to the secretariat of the conference program committee

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