Plenary Speakers

John Bowers - UCSB, USA.
Prospects for VLSI photonics

Hideo Hosono - Tokyo Inst. of Tech., Japan.
Transparent oxide semiconductors : material design concept and device application

Umesh K. Mishra - UCSB, USA.
Nitride-based high speed transitors (tentative)

Maurice Skolnick - Univ. of Sheffield, UK.
Spin and coherence effects using self-assembled quantum dots

Invited Speakers

Joerg Appenzeller - IBM, USA
Carbon nanotube devices and circuits (tentative)

Tim Ashley - QinetiQ, UK.
High speed InSb FETs

Edward Y. Chang - National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
HEMT for high speed electronic applications: from InGaAs to InAs channel devices

Christoph Deneke - MPI f. Festkoerperforschung, Germany.
Fabrication of novel radial crystals and superlattices

Alfred Forchel - Wurtzburg Univ., Germany.
Single dot based light matter interaction effects in micropillar cavities

Tomoteru Fukumura - Tohoku Univ., Japan.
Spin-related phenomena of TiO2:Co

Alex Greilich - Univ. of Dortmund, Germany.
Coherent electron spin manipulation in self-assembled quantum dots

Diana Huffaker - Univ. of New Mexico, USA.
Growth of InAs and GaSb quantum dots on GaAs substrates for optoelectronic device application

Gregory S. Herman - HP, USA.
Oxide-based transparent and printed electronics

Jack Jewell - JDSU, USA.
Commercial GaInNAs-VCSELs grown by MBE

Erich Kasper - Stuttgart Univ., Germany.
High speed Ge detectors on Si (tentative)

Makoto Kasu - NTT, Japan.
Diamond RF FET and other applications for electronics

Hagen Klauk - Max Planck Inst. for Solid State Res., Germany.
Low-voltage, low-power organic integrated circuits

Paul M. Koenraad - Eindhoven Univ. of Tech., Netherlands.
Intermixing, decomposition and segregation during formation of III/V nanostructures analyzed by cross-sectional STM

Roberto Merlin - Univ. of Michigan, USA.
Multi-spin entanglement in magnetic-semiconductor nanostructures

Masaaki Nakayama - Osaka City Univ., Japan.
Interactions between coherent optical phonons and excitonic quantum beats in GaAs/AlAs multiple quantum wells: strategy for enhancement of terahertz radiation from coherent optical phonons

Akira Ohtomo - Tohoku Univ., Japan.
Oxide semiconductor quantum electronics

Kuniyoshi Okamoto - Rohm, Japan.
Present status of LEDs and LDs based on m-plane Gallium Nitride

Taiichi Otsuji - Tohoku Univ., Japan.
Terahertz emission from two-dimensional plasmons in HEMT stimulated by optical signals

Seong-Hwan Park - Catholic University of Deagu, Korea.
Depolarization of internal fields in GaN-based quantum wells

Seong-Ju Park - Gwangju Inst. of Sci. and Tech., Korea.
Recent status of ZnO light-emitting diodes

Takao Someya - Univ. of Tokyo, Japan.
Printed organic transistors and plastic MEMS for power transmission sheets

Kazuya Takemoto - Fujitsu Labs, Japan.
Telecom single-photon source with horn structure

Akira Toriumi - Univ. of Tokyo, Japan.
High k/Ge MOS transistor technologies

Jelena Vuckovic - Stanford Univ., USA.
Photonic crystal chips for classical and quantum information processing

Magnus Willander - Linköping University, Sweden.
Zinc oxide nanowires: chemical and physical challenges and limitations

Go Yusa - Tohoku Univ., Japan.
Coherent manipulation of nuclear spin

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