Participants in exhibition

ADCAP VACUUM TECHNOLOGY Co.,LTD.English.gif Japanese.gifAtomic Hydrogen Source, ECR Plasma Ion Source, Sample Heating.
Bruker AXS K.KEnglish.gif Japanese.gifXRD, SCD, EDS and Thermal Analysis products
Crosslight Software Inc.English.gif Japanese.gifSimulation softwares for semiconductor devices
CYBERNET SYSTEMS CO., LTDEnglish.gif Japanese.gifCYBERNET SYSTEMS sells CAE software in various fields.
EIKO CorporationEnglish.gif Japanese.gif
EpiQuest,Inc.English.gif Japanese.gifMOCVD system, MBE system, CVD system for SiC, Liquid delivery MOCVD system, K-cell, ECR Radical cell, Oxidation system for VCSELs production.
Hakuto Co., Ltd.English.gif Japanese.gifCompound semiconductor equipments and materials
HiSOL, INC.English.gif Japanese.gifHiSOL is a semiconductor trading company.
HORIBA, Ltd.English.gif Japanese.gifScientific and Semiconductor instruments
JEOLEnglish.gif Japanese.gifScientific Instruments for various fields
MO Sangyo Co, LTD.Japanese.gif
MUTSUMI Corporation LTD.Japanese.gif
Nagase Electronic Equipment Service Co., Ltd.English.gif Japanese.gifCryogenic probing station products and cryocoolers
Nihon Veeco KKEnglish.gif Japanese.gifProcess, MBE equipments, Metrologies
NTT Advanced Technology Corp.English.gif Japanese.gifSemiconductor Process Service
Osaka Asahi Metal Mfg. Co., Ltd.English.gif Japanese.gifHigh Purity Metal
Oxford Instruments KKEnglish.gif Japanese.gifInstruments for NANO technology and Molecular Bio market
PANalyticalEnglish.gif Japanese.gifAnalytical instrumentation and software for XRD & XRF
Pascal Co., Ltd.English.gif Japanese.gifVacuum components and Laser MBE (PLD) system
R-DEC CO., LTD.English.gif Japanese.gifUHV equipment, physical and chemical analytical instruments, and related peripheral products
Rockgate CorporationJapanese.gifNano-positioner, Cryogenic SPM, Confocal Raman Microscope
SAMCO Inc.English.gif Japanese.gifCVD Systems and Dry Etching Systems, Dry Cleaning Systems
TAIYO NIPPON SANSO CorporationEnglish.gif Japanese.gifMOCVD equipments
TOMOE Engineering Co.,Ltd.English.gif Japanese.gifceramics and graphite components for MOCVD, MBE
Universal Systems Co., Ltd.English.gif Japanese.gifHW-CVD (Cat-CVD) / RTA / 3C-SiC / MOCVD / ALD

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