Steps to Submit Your Abstract

Now accepting only invited articles.

STEP1 : Prepare your abstract for submission

We strongly encourage that all submissions be prepared using Microsoft Word. If your are using Microsoft Word, there is a template available for download to help you follow the formatting instructions.

If you are unable to prepare your abstract using Microsoft Word, please download the template and make your abstract according to the formatting instructions.


STEP2 : Convert your abstract into a PDF file

The file format for submission is PDF file. Convert your abstract into a PDF file.

If your abstract includes bitmap images, we strongly recommend for you to make a PDF file as 'press' or 'x1a' format.

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat for making a PDF file, some free softwares, such as PrimoPDF, are available to use.

STEP3 : Sign up for an account

Create your account for submission. You will be asked to submit your contact information in this step.

Your username and password will be required for you to login for new submission and re-submissions. Your username is your email address. Your password will be sent from the submission system to this address.


STEP4 : Submit your abstract

Send your abstract using submission link. Please click the following icon.


For more information

For more information, please contact to iscs2007 secretary.


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