Deadline for submission of manuscripts
for ISCS-2007 proceedings is

October 5, 2007

What's new

  • Participants can check the hotel locations in the registration page produced by JTB.
  • Deadline of early registration has been expanded to 28 Sept. 24:00.
  • Venue Info page is updated. Informations about hotel areas, bus lines, venue map, and wireless LAN are provided.
  • Program page is open. You can download the program of iscs2007.
  • Links page is open. Useful informations (transportation, sightseeing, etc) would be found.
  • Registration has started.
  • Late News (Post Deadline) page is now open. The deadline for submitting late news abstracts is August 31st, 2007.
  • Proceedings page is now open.
  • Social Events page (informations about the banquet) is now open.
  • Abstract submission page is now open.
    • One page abstract including figures and tables should be submitted. Deadline is June 1. (JST, GMT, EST, PST, ...)

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